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T Toust

T toast is an authentic Korean Restaurant near the UC Berkeley campus. Come in for a quick, comforting meal. Some of our daily specials include Bibim Bap, Mushroom Tofu Soup, Hotpot Bibam Bap, Ricecake Dumpling Soup and Dumpling Tofu Soup.

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Steve’s Korean BBQ

Steve’s Korean BBQ has won a number of awards over the years including “Best of Berkeley” from The Daily Californian and has been recommended in Korean travel guides as a local favorite. Our menu features popular Korean BBQ dishes and other traditional favorites such as Bibimbop, Jap Chae and various Korean soups. We also offer…

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Koja Kitchen


Koja Kitchen offers a signature brand of Gourmet/Fast Casual Korean and Japanese comfort food. Try the kamikaze fries, a crosscut fry topped with Korean BBQ Beef, kimchi, green onions, and drizzled with a signature sauce and Japanese sweet mayo or a beef burger with a pressed rice bun. Delicious and original!

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Kimchi Garden

Kimchi by UC Berkeley

Authentic Korean Food in a very comfortable and spacious restaurant, with a large television in the dining area and wifi. Meet your friends, eat, study: it’s like home only with really good and plentiful Korean Food made to order, just for you.

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Bear’s Ramen House

bears ramen house logo

Bear’s Ramen House is an authentic Korean Restaurant and Ramen/Noodle House that could easily be found anywhere in Korea, especially around schools or busy shopping districts. One of the many dishes offered is GookSoo, a Korean style Udon Noodle made fresh several times a day with soy sauce or miso based broth. Enjoy the real…

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