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Freshroll prides itself on using only the freshest and finest ingredients.  We use 100% all-natural meats, meaning no hormones or antibiotics.  Our vegetables are sourced from local farms when possible, and we strive to promote a trash-free environment by using only recyclable or compostable materials.  We do not add MSG to ANY of our marinades…

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PHO k & k

Pho K&K

PHO k & k serves authentic Vietnamese Cuisine. Everything from fresh and crunchy spring rolls to warm and comforting pho. The vegetarian pho has loads of fresh vegetables with an actual vegetarian broth and the rare steak pho is meaty and delicious!

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Nom Nom Bánh Mì


Nom Nom Bánh Mì brings a menu of flavors from south Vietnam to the culture-rich Telegraph Avenue just south of the Berkeley campus. The focus is on the traditional blend of fine French bread and pate with the freshest greens and spices. There’s also traditional recipes for meatless and vegan choices!

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