See you Sunday Nov 7th! ✌️☮️ #gratefuldayfest

Come groove to tunes along Telegraph Avenue—and be a part of a celebration to fill yourself with gratitude.

Always free, this event is for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Check out a scene that is totally and unabashedly Bezerkeley.

On Telegraph Avenue from Bancroft Way to Channing Way, from noon ’til 5 pm.

Check out info on getting here page for transit and parking info.



Lenny San Jose, aka Ukulenny, is an ukulele performer and educator based in Oakland, CA.  Notable achievements include gaining 75,000+ subscribers on YouTube, founding SF Uke Jam with fellow YouTuber Cynthia Lin, and playing the otamatone. He is known for his one-man band performances, energetic uke jams, and reggae strum.  Ukulenny is endorsed by Kala Brand Music and Neotech Straps.

AmyUke at Pub 7.16.16

Amy Ukena 

Amy Ukena is a Bay Area jazz singer who took up the ukulele when some friends built her a carbon fiber tenor back in 2015.  Since then, she has helmed two ukulele groups (Richmond Ukulele Mayhem (RUM) and Kaleidoscope Ukulele Party (or KUP).  She has performed with her ukes all over the Bay Area, and leads jams and workshops for people of all ages and abilities.

She calls herself an Ukulele Love Ambassador, spreading the love wherever she goes.

3x2 Profile

Brian Liu

Born and raised in Hawaii, Brian studied with local music legends Jake Shimabukuro, Herb Ohta Jr. and Troy Fernandez. He studied piano and music production at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Eventually settling in California, Brian was recently made a Kamaka Artist and performs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 9.19.03 PM (1)

Bob Power

Like many ukulele fans, Bob picked up his uke when he retired and seeing a gap in the local ukulele scene, started Oakland Uke Jam in 2017.  Bob leads zoom sessions and live sessions and searches for great playable songs from any genre, often saying "We play the greatest hits of the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and more."

dos pogi boys

Ukulenny & Dos Pogi Boys

Ukulenny & Dos Pogi Boys is a Filipino-American ukulele band based in the Bay Area. Ukulenny brings vocals, sax, melodica, and of course, the ukulele to the front the mix. Teamed up with David Kelly on Bass and Jerome Sicat on Drums, this dynamic, unconventional power trio blends laid back island reggae vibes with Motown, funk, pop, and classic oldies.