Feng Cha

2528 Durant

(510) 647-8606


Comfortable Environment: We want our customers to be able to unwind and feel at home in our stores, so we provide a comforting environment to melt their stress away. Our friendly employees are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Mood Boosting: We make our drinks how customers want them: down to the detail. Our customizable drinks are designed to suit everyone’s needs.

Social Hangouts: Feng Cha Teahouse is the place to be for socialites. Our inclusive environment ensures that everyone can bond over the joy of tea. It’s not uncommon to see people studying together or catching up with friends.

Beyond Tea

Our passion for making tea extends far beyond our drinks. All of our stores strive their best to provide a comfy teahouse experience to our customers. In Feng Cha, we always working hard on finding good ingredients to make our quality drinks and fine pastries, even the music that you hear in store is carefully chosen to ensure a relaxing in-store experience.

We are happy to see people of all ages, different backgrounds coming to Feng Cha to chat, hang out, study and work. We are thankful for each everyone’s support and will continue working hard to provide a unique and cozy teahouse experience.