WHEN: Sun Aug 25 | 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
WHERE: 2510 Durant Ave

Welcome to GoB’s 3-month Kill Team Campaign! Here’s the basic breakdown of rules and how we will run things.

The campaign will use a modified version of the base game’s campagin rules. Everyone begins with 4 resources: Intelligence, Material, Morale, and Territory. You have 8 of each resource to start and will lose resources whenever you lose a match. If you run out of resources, you will become a guerilla force – able to still fight and participate, but suffers a -2 penalty to their Progress Towards the Vault!

In addition to the four basic resources, we will also track a fifth score called “Progress Towards The Vault”. Each game you win will gain you 1 progress towards the vault. At the end of the campaign, whoever has the most Progress Towards the Vault wins.

Everyone is expected to play 4 games per month. If you miss games you will lose 1 of each resource for each game you miss. This is to make things fair and so you can’t avoid the grim darkness of war by sitting on the sidelines! If you want to play additional games to earn more progress towards the vault, that is your choice as strategic commander – but beware the risks of running out of resources and becoming a guerilla force!

The following outlines our schedule:

July: Arrival on Prospero. A warp storm in the lower atmosphere has scattered all of the arriving kill teams across the ruins and wilds of Prospero. Collect your team, fight your opponents, and search any ruins you find for clues as to the location of the vault!
125 point kill team limit. Roster Size 20.
August: Into the Sorcerer’s City: You have collected your forces and enter the city, but you are not alone…
Escalation! 150 point limit. Roster Size 25.
September: Delving for the Vault. Enter the underground passages beneath the Sorceror’s City. Race for the Vault before the Warp Powers and the Stars Align, and clarim (or destroy) its powerful treasures!
Give it all you’ve got! 175 point limit. Roster Size 30.

Mission Selection: By agreement between players. Arena battles are allowed. Secondary objectives are allowed. Just make sure you both agree before starting the game:
Proxies: It’s OK to proxy 2-3 minis in a game. No proxying across factions. (for example, no PoxWalkers counts as Guardsmen). Be a good sport and make sure your opponent knows what’s going on!!
No changing factions during the campaign.
Elites are allowed. All rules in Elites are permitted.
Commanders are not allowed.
Starting Roster Size is 12. After your first game, it rises to 20 and increases each month after that.
We will not use the scouting phase. These abilities are reserved as potential ‘power-up’ abilities each month (refer to section on Special Rules).
Play whoever you want each month! Log at least 4 games and record your resource losses and Progress gains. We will track our rosters and resources on Google Drive.

Special Rules:
At the start of August, the person with the most Progress Towards the Vault may use the “Set Traps” scouting phase tactic in their first mission of the month. This reflects that they are the first to arrive on the scene!
At the start of September, for their first game, the person with the most Progress Towards the Vault may choose one model from their kill team and roll 1d6. On a 6, that model suffers d3 mortal wounds. On a 1-5, that model receives the Blessing of the Tutelaries, powerful Chaos Demons that reside in the City of Sorcerers, and may add 1 to all hit rolls for the mission.
At the start of August and September, the player with the LEAST progress towards the vault may lose 1 Morale resource to take an additional 10 points on their first mission of the month, to reflect the additional reinforcements their faction sends them!

End of the Campaign:
The Campaign ends September 30.
Whoever has the most Progress Towards the Vault at the end of the campaign wins, unless the second place player mounts a Last Ditch Effort!
“Last Ditch Effort”: At the end of the campaign, the 2nd place player may attempt a Last Ditch Effort by challenging the 1st place player. The two players will play a game of “Disrupt Supply Lines” with the 1st place player as the defender, and a 25 point advantage!

Prize Support:
There is a $10 entry fee to the campaign to support prize support. This is in addition to the “$5 for Five” table fee at Games of Berkeley.
We will also have access to Games of Berkeley’s Campaign Support Kit

Kill Team Campaign

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