Poke Parlor

2485 Telegraph Ave

(510) 256-9685

Poke in Berkeley near Cal

Poke Parlor focuses on a fast casual and health conscious restaurant concept for our consumers. Our main ingredients will be 100% sustainable. If not farmed, the fish are caught with environmental-friendly fishing methods without harming any other wild species, still being sustainably sourced. We will use locally soured organic non-gmo produce to support local farmers. Even our containers are Eco-friendly, from our bowls to cups, and napkins will all be biodegradable. There’s a trend with younger consumers leaning towards a more health-conscious way of eating. What better way to do it than to open our first location near UC Berkeley. Our mission is to educate our customers on what they’re eating, knowing where it comes from, and how all of our ingredients get to our healthy bowls. With Poke being so prevalent in the Bay Area, we strive to set ourselves apart from our competitors by bringing a wide array of complex flavors from (korean, japanese, latin, hawaiian) cuisine that will give our consumers a new perception of the Poke phenomenon.