Top Dog

We seek out the best sausage from the best sausage-makers. Calabrese? How ya gonna top S.F.’s award-winning house of Molinari? Buon Gusto! Or that little Portuguese plant in San Leandro that makes linguiça. Bratwurst from Saag’s, an authentic old-world European taste as you’re likely to find. And from Schwarz of S.F., bockwurst unsurpassed! We remain…

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Super Duper

Super Duper Burgers

Step into any Super Duper Burger, and you’ll notice we’re different. From our famous (free) house-made pickles, to the hand-painted signage, to our cheerful staff, we build our restaurants like we build our burgers—sustainably, locally, and with an unwavering commitment to quality. We work with local designers, sign painters, and artisans because it reduces our carbon footprint, and, frankly, because they’re…

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Smoke’s Poutinerie

Smoke’s Poutinerie is the first of its kind in the World offering a broad menu exclusive to Poutine. The goal of Smoke’s Poutinerie is to bring the authentic Quebec classic to the rest of the World.

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Bongo Burgers

Bongo Burger Logo

Since 1968, Bongo Burger has been serving Berkeley quality food at a reasonable price. No trans fat or partially hydrogenated oils have been used since 2003. The tabouleh is made fresh daily and our hummus is made fresh from whole ingredients every day. Burgers are made from pasture fed, antibiotic free, Niman Ranch beef.

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The Bird

the bird in berkeley

We’re the ultimate fried chicken sandwich shop, with locations in San Francisco and Berkeley. We’re the go-to for indulgent food that’s made with integrity and sold for just 8 bucks. If this sounds counter intuitive, it should. We’ve set out to prove that a really satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner doesn’t have to eat up the paycheck.…

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