Support the Telegraph Family

Times are tough and local businesses are struggling. By donating to the businesses of Berkeley you're supporting a local family, keeping a dream alive, and supporting the local economy.

Please consider chipping in to help keep your favorite people around town!

You can also help out by eating, shopping, and playing on Telegraph Avenue!


Berkeley Icon & Family Man Needs Your Help

Click here to donate to Tamai's GoFundMe and help out a longtime Telegraph Street Artist


Moe's Books

Click here to support the legendary bookstore and their 21 employees


Amoeba Music

Click here to help Amoeba survive and support their workers in continuing health benefits


Le Bateau Ivre

Click here to keep this lovely oasis filled with wonderful food alive on Telegraph Avenue


Poke Parlor

Click here to donate to Poke Parlors relief fund, or Click here to donate a meal to a first responder


Games of Berkeley

Click here to become a monthly supporter of the best game store in Berkeley


In Touch Therapies

Click here to take a class with Beth and support her through these hard times


Revolution Books

Click here to become a monthly supporter of Revolution books, or  Click here to give a one time donation to keeping this revolutionary bookstore afloat


Musical Offering Cafe

Click here to keep the lovely ambiance that is the Musical Offerings Café in the Telegraph District and to support their employees


Super Duper

Support Super Duper and their fundraising efforts by buying a Strawberry Shortcake Super, where $0.50 will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society



The family-owned Ethiopian restaurant has been in Berkeley for over 20 years on Telegraph Ave. They temporarily closed in March 2020 due to Covid-19 and now their building is being demolished. Click here to help support Finfine reopen at a new location!