Shopping around Telegraph

Telegraph has one of the largest non-chain retail experiences on the West Coast.  From vintage clothing to Cal gear to smoking paraphernalia we have an endless supply of unique items. Don't forget to check out our street vendors, mainly between Durant and Channing.

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510 skateboards

510 Skateboarding

East Bay Skate Scene since 1998
2506 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 843-1863


Your go-to convenience store
2601 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 841-8248
Amoeba Music

Amoeba Music

Every kind of music, movies, turntables, and music-related posters
2455 Telegraph Ave
(510) 549-1125
anastasia vintage logo

Anastasia clothing

Telegraph's newest vintage clothing store
2360 Telegraph Ave
(510) 900-6121


We are The Original Cannabis accessories Headshop- established in 1969. Glass pipes, vapes, grinders, incense, tapestries, & cool gifts. Kratom, CBD and more.
2416 Telegraph Ave
(510) 841-6187


Dispensary with a focus on medical marijuana
2312 Telegraph Avenue
(510) 558-2247
bancroft clothing logo

Bancroft Clothing Co.

collegiate licensed Cal products
2530 Bancroft Way
Bear Basics Logo

Bear Basics

the number one stop for Cal gear
2350 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 883-9050
Berkeley Hat Company Logo

Berkeley Hat Company

4 blocks south of UC Berkeley on iconic Telegraph Avenue
2510 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 549-2955
Berkeley Patients Care Collective

Berkeley Patients Care Collective

PCC is one of the oldest and most reputable patients’ associations in the state
2590 Telegraph
(510) 540-7878
berkeley student food collective

Berkeley Student Food Collective

2440 Bancroft Way, #102
Big Al's Smoke Shop

Big Al’s Smoke Shop

Between Durant and Channing
2382 Telegraph Ave
(510) 540-0764
Eid TV

Eid TV

Where you will find the Best Prices on all Consumer Electronics!
2556 Telegraph
(510) 848-5000
Framer's Workshop and Framer's Outlet

Framer’s Workshop and Framer’s Outlet

The Framer's Workshop is a custom and do-it- yourself picture framing shop.
2439 Channing Way
‪(510) 849–4444‬
Games of Berkeley

Games of Berkeley

Games, Toys, and Hobbies!
2510 Durant
Hi Fidelity

Hi Fidelity

Hi-Fidelity is proud to partner with Pacific Cultivation to bring you our in-house cannabis.
2465 Telegraph Ave.
j town logo

J-Town Express

Japanese snacks, drinks, stationary and more!
2332 Telegraph Ave
(510) 647-3432
Mars Mercantile

Mars Mercantile

Invaders of closets everywhere, Mars is a used, vintage clothing store
2398 Telegraph Ave
(510) 843-6711
Moe's Books

Moe’s Books

World famous destination for book lovers since 1959
2476 Telegraph Ave
(510) 849-2087
Moe's Flowers

Moe’s Flowers

You'll find all sorts of flowers and plants at Moe's
2446 Durant Ave
(510) 849-9039
People's Local Market

People’s Local Market

The indoor version of the Berkeley farmers market
2552 Telegraph Ave
(510) 843-4534
Rasputin Music

Rasputin Music

Keep'n the bay area bump'n since 1971
2401 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 704-1146
Revolution Books

Revolution Books

Humanity Needs Revolution. Revolution Needs Revolution Books. Revolution Books Needs You.
2425 Channing Way
(510) 848-1196
Studio Six

Studio Six

Custom jewelry design, gold and silver repair, battery replacement, watch repair, and hand crafted jewelry
2390 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 459-4073
T-Shirt Orgy

T-Shirt Orgy

The largest selection of T Shirts for miles around
2350 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 883-9050
Vapor Den

Vapor Den

Vapor Den is a locally owned independent retail lounge.
2556 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 842-7882


2310 Telegraph Ave.
Whelan's Smoke Shop

Whelan’s Smoke Shop

Serving Berkeley more than 100 years and is here to stay for years to come
2486 Bancroft Way
(510) 549-3218
Young's Backpacking

Young’s Backpacking

Young's Backpacking has been providing quality outdoor-goods to the Berkeley community since 1980
2508 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 548-7463