2nd Street

2543 Telegraph Ave

(510) 926-6085

2nd Street USA provides on-trend fashionable items picked up in Japan. You may find not only domestic brands but also international brands that can’t be found just anywhere with affordable pricing. Your demand for unique items and new looks will be granted by those curated items.

Better Than Brand New
Here at 2nd STREET, we have truly unique items that can’t be found just anywhere, for great value.  Finding one-of-a-kind pieces in premium, second-hand condition with so much to choose from. Whether you’re into hard to find street wear, hunting for vintage items, or into stylish your own looks, second hand is the way to go.
Wide Selection of Styles
Our inventory is always fresh with a wide variety of stylish items. Plus we stock over 500 items shipping directly from Japan. Check out the trending Japanese brands such as Bape, Undercover, Comme Des Garcons, Issey Miyake, and much more.
Look Good, Feel Good
Shop with 2nd STREET for new looks, and you’re part of an environmental movement, because every reusable and second-hand purchase reduces the waste of unnecessary resources and landfill.