Kathmandu Market & Deli

2521 Telegraph Ave

(510) 355-8007

Kathmandu Market & Deli is located in Berkeley, California and presents a unique combination of a market, restaurant, grocery store & convenience store all blended together. We provide our customers with fresh produce, groceries, imported spices and a hot deli with delicious homemade sandwiches, curry, wraps, etc. prepared with fresh organic ingredients on a daily basis.

Our Founder, Deepak Singh was born and raised within the Newari culture in the Kathmandu Valley. Mr. Singh was influenced by his great grandmother’s recipes consisting of a wide variety of unique flavorful dishes prepared from traditional Himalayan herbs and spices. Newar people are the indigenous inhabitants of Nepal located within the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding regions. Food is an integral part of the Newar culture; it bonds family generations and is important to the social culture. For our hot deli, the menu we present to our customers will consist of a collection of food prepared during different festivals throughout the year. Our mission is to present the finest traditional Nepalese & Tibetan cuisine through the preparation of authentic homestyle dishes. Mr. Singh’s inspiration for starting this business was driven from his passion for his culture. As a young teenager, Deepak dreamed of earning an opportunity to share the unique Nepalese culture with individuals across the globe. He believes that opening a unique Himalayan grocery store in this location will present a great opportunity for success due to a large population of extremely diverse demographics in Berkeley and the demand for fresh produce and deli for students and local residents.

We strive to consistently provide our customers with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, knowledge, professionalism, graciousness and integrity in our work on a daily basis. Our goal is to have every customer who comes through our doors leave impressed by our customer service and excited to return. We will be giving members of our community and to utilize our market to improve the quality of life of each and every customer.