Dining around Telegraph

Smart locals know that Telegraph has become the most affordable interesting food destination in the Bay Area. We have over 90 establishments, serving an incredible variety of international cuisine. Options include Bao, Pho, Mediterranean street food, Japanese Curry, Italian, Michelin-rated Mexican food, Poutine, and Belgium waffles. Because this is a student district, the competition is keen, the value is high, and the vibe is relaxed and informal.

What are you in the mood for?

1951 Coffee Company

1951 Coffee Company

Coffee, tea, and pastries for a cause
2410 Channing Way
(510) 280-6171
Abe's Pizza

Abe’s Pizza (formally Blondie’s)

Near the corner of Durant
2340 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 548-1129
Alley Yokocho Kitchens

Alley Yokocho Kitchens

Japanese small alley dining experience
2309 Telegraph Avenue
(925) 344-6933
artichoke pizza logo

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

Corner of Durant and Bowditch
2590 Durant Ave.
(510) 705-1266
BanSho Ramen

BanSho Ramen

Ramen and various Japanese appetizers
2502 Telegraph Ave
(510) 647-9253
bears ramen house logo

Bear’s Ramen House

Between Telegraph and Bowditch
2521 Durant Ave.
(510) 848-7482
Berkeley thai house logo

Berkeley Thai House

delicious dining and takeout
2511 Channing Way
(510) 841-8424


Taiwanese hot pot and rolled ice cream
2475 Telegraph Avenue
(510) 647-8693
Bongo Burger Logo

Bongo Burgers

Award winning burgers since 1968
2505 Dwight Way


Creative and quality burgers, sandwiches, wings, and fries
2518 Durant Ave
(510) 529-4327
cafe blue door logo

Cafe Blue Door

Bagels, Breakfast, Lunch
2244 Bancroft Way
(510) 665-6000
Cafe Durant Logo

Cafe Durant

2517 Durant Ave
cafe milano logo

Cafe Milano

Coffee Shop
2522 Bancroft Way
(510) 644-3100
cafe strada berkeley

Caffe Strada

Coffee and Tea with outdoor seating
2300 College Ave.
(510) 843-5282
Cal Gyro Mediterranean

Cal Gyro Mediterranean

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Greek
2519 Durant Ave
(510) 849-4771
chang luong chinese restaurant on Telegraph

Chang Luong

Chinese food and Hong Kong style dim sum
2517 Durant Ave.
(510) 548-6959
Cheese n' Stuff

Cheese n’ Stuff

Quick fixed sandwiches
2442 Durant Ave.
(510) 843-9233
Chinese Express in Berkeley near Cal

Chinese Express

Quick serve Chinese food
2488 Channing Way
(510) 845-3766
chipotle telegraph

Chipotle Mexican Grill

For Real Food. For Real Actions. For Real Change.
2311 Telegraph Ave
(510) 548-0340
cream dessert on telegraph berkeley


Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich made with your choice of a fresh baked goody
2399 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 649-1000
Cupcakin Logo

Cupcakin’ Bake Shop

Baked from scratch daily using high quality, local and fresh ingredients.
2435 Durant Ave
(510) 529-4448
D'Yar Mediterranean

D’Yar Mediterranean Cuisine

Unfussy Mediterranean fare from wraps to platters whipped up in compact, brick-lined quarters
2511 Durant Ave
(510) 848-5587
Delhi Diner

Delhi Diner

Indian street food
2400 Telegraph Ave
(510) 705-1073
dim sum near Cal

Dumpling Express

Dim-sum and dumplings on Bowditch
2328 Bowditch
(510) 204-9283
Feng Cha

Feng Cha

Tea drinks, cakes, and other snacks
2528 Durant
(510) 647-8606
Free House berkeley

Free House

a gathering place for grad students, faculty, staff, neighbors and visitors
2700 Bancroft Way


Fresh and healthy Vietnamese
2334 Telegraph Ave
(510) 529-4153
Gordito Amigos

Gordito Amigos

Burritos stuffed to order & other Mexican to-go fare
2404 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 529-4844
Gypsy's Trattoria Italian

Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiano

Gourmet Italian food in fast food style
2519 Durant Ave
(510) 548-4860
Henry's near Cal Campus


Cocktails & Californian fare
2600 Durant Ave.
(510) 809-4132
House of Curries, UC Berkeley

House of Curries

Traditional Indian & Pakistani cuisine
2520 Durant Ave.
(510) 848-5800
IB's logo


burgers, cheesesteaks & hoagies at the counter
2513 Durant Ave.
(510) 841-1681
jamba juice near berkeley campus

Jamba Juice

smoothies, juices & health-focused light bites
2514 Bancroft Way
(510) 549-3002
Julias French near Berkeley Campus

Julia’s Restaurant at the Berkeley City Club

French dishes using local ingredients from the Bay Area
2315 Durant Ave
(510) 280-1547
Sushi near Cal Campus

Katsami Sushi

Katsumi Sushi offers delicious dining and takeout
2523 Durant Ave.
(510) 529-4799
Kimchi by UC Berkeley

Kimchi Garden

Serving standard Korean noodle dishes, barbecue & kimchi in a cozy space
2517 Durant Ave.
(510) 848-5968
King Pin Donuts

King Pin Donuts

Fresh-baked donuts until the wee hours daily
2521 Durant Ave
(510) 843-6688
Kip's Bar and Grill

Kip’s Bar and Grill

American Bar & Grill Favorite
2439 Durant Ave.
(510) 848-4340


Japanese tapas eatery featuring locally sourced ingredients in a modest setting.
2566B Telegraph Ave.
(510) 848-2758

Koja Kitchen

Korean & Japanese, but with a twist!
2395 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 962-5652
la burrita

La Burrita

Burritos & other Mexican classics
2530 Durant Ave.
(510) 845-4859
Le Bateau Ivre Berkeley logo

Le Bateau Ivre

Beautiful patio and cozy interior serving fine French dining
2629 Telegraph Ave
(510) 849-1100
Little Gem Belgian Waffles

Little Gem Belgian Waffles

Authentic Belgian Liege Waffles. Made from Scratch Daily.
2468 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 883-8922
Lotus House

Lotus House

Good Chinese food at a central location near campus.
2517 Durant Ave
(510) 883-1811
Mandarin near UC berkeley

Mandarin House

delicious dining and takeout to Berkeley
2519 Durant Ave
(510) 549-1877
mezzo logo


Hearty salads & sandwiches served in friendly environs
2442 Telegraph Ave
(510) 705-1089
Momo House

Momo House

Himalayan Nepalese cuisine
2456 Bancroft Way
(510) 570-8798
Mount Everest Berkeley Indian

Mount Everest Restaurant

Traditional & specialty dishes are made to share
2598 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 843-3951
muraccis near cal campus


Japanese curry in a weekday-only counter-serve spot
2428 Telegraph Ave
(510) 845-1101
Musical Offering Cafe-Bistro

Musical Offering Cafe-Bistro

Classical music is served alongside coffee, pastries, lunch, and dinner
2430 Bancroft Way
(510) 849-0211

Nom Nom Bánh Mì

Traditional Vietnamese greens, meats, and spreads, put together fresh at the counter
2491 Telegraph Ave
(510) 984-0957

Pappy’s Grill and Sports Bar

Lively sports bar with several TVs
2367 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 405-1000
Pasta Bene Telegraph

Pasta Bene

Thin-crust pizzas, happy hour & classic Italian fare in a bright, airy eatery with a patio.
2565 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 845-2363
Peet's Logo

Peet’s Coffee

Berkeley-born chain featuring signature coffee, tea & blended drinks
2501 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 225-7700
Pho K&K

PHO k & k

Neighborhood storefront eatery serving up generous bowls of pho
2533 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 666-9966
Poke Bar

Poke Bar

From our premium ingredients to our exceptional service, eating healthy has never been easier—or more enjoyable!
2433 Durant Ave Ste E
(510) 280-5681
Poke Parlor

Poke Parlor

fast casual seafood Poke Bowls
2485 Telegraph Ave
(510) 256-9685
Punjabi Dhaba

Punjabi Dhaba

Family owned Indian restaurant serving fresh daily specials
2521 Durant Ave.
(510) 710-8458
Racha Café

Racha Café

Laid-back Thai restaurant with an art-filled dining room
2516 Telegraph Ave
(510) 644-3583


A casual, convivial tavern for American eats
2438 Telegraph Ave
(510) 280-5319
Rare Tea

Rare Tea

Bubble milk teas in a range of flavors
2440 Bancroft Way
(415) 734-0525


Onigiri spot right near campus
2435 Durant Ave
(510) 529-4040
Cal Coffee - Romeo's

Romeo’s Coffee

Industrial-chic cafe offering coffee, blended drinks, juices & pastries in bright, airy quarters.
499 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 209-2464
Savory Kitchen

Savory Kitchen

American Breakfast
2493 Telegraph Ave
(510) 990-6131
Seniore's Pizza

Seniore’s Pizza

a variety of creatively topped pies & slices, with late-night hours.
2518 Durant Ave.
(510) 548-5500
Sheng Kee Desserts near Cal

Sheng Kee Bakery

Taiwan-based bakery offering a selection of pastries, cakes & bread.
2307 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 848-8200
Shihlin Taiwanese food near Cal

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Casual, counter-serve cafe serving fried chicken, rice combos & other Taiwanese street snacks
2521 Durant Ave.
(510) 529-4166

SLIVER Pizzeria

Socially conscious pie parlor
2468 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 356-4044
uc berkeley coffee

SoDoi Coffee Tasting House

Top notch pour over coffee and caffeinated beverages
2438 Durant Ave.
(510) 990-6487
Steve's Korean BBQ

Steve’s Korean BBQ

Charbroiled meats, bibimbap & made-to-order stews
2521 Durant Ave.
(510) 848-6166
Super Duper Burgers

Super Duper

Fast food burgers, slow food values
2355 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 990-6483
Sweetheart Café

Sweetheart Café

Asian bubble teas & candies, plus smoothies & light fare.
2523 Durant Ave.
(510) 540-0707
T Toust

T Toust

Korean Restaurant near the UC Berkeley campus
2433 Durant Ave.
(510) 666-8874
Taco and Co.

Taco and Co.

Classic tacos, burritos, and quesadillas
2521 Durant Ave
Taco Bell Cantina

Taco Bell Cantina

Fast, fresh Mexican
2523 Durant Ave.
(510) 984-0079
Tacos Sinaloa

Tacos Sinaloa

Taco shop with Mexican basics, veggie options & aguas frescas
2384 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 665-7895
Taiwan Professional Tea

Taiwan Professional Tea

Boba Tea
2383 Telegraph Ave
(510) 228-4421
Take Eat Easy

Take Eat Easy

Grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, snacks, and various Hong Kong street foods
2433 G Durant Ave
(510) 816-1686
Tako Sushi

Tako Sushi

Fast and cheap sushi near campus
2379 Telegraph Ave
(510) 665-8000
tap haus bar near Cal

Tap Haus

German-inspired beer hall for tap brews at a lively bar
2518 Durant Ave.
(510) 280-5000
Thai Basil Cuisine

Thai Basil Cuisine

Traditional Thai dishes with ample booth seating
2519 Durant Ave.
(510) 548-6692
Berkeley Thai Food near Cal

Thai Noodle II

Flavorful Thai food
2426 Telegraph Ave.
(510) 644-9292
Tivoli Caffe

Tivoli Caffe

cafe fare & java, plus veggie & gluten–free choices
2554 Bancroft Way.
(510) 704-1332
Top Dog

Top Dog

Quick-serve sausages including specialties & veggie options
2534 Durant Ave.
(510) 843-5967
U Cafe

U Cafe

pastries & macarons, plus coffee drinks, teas & smoothies.
2550 Durant Ave.
(510) 328-3889
Uji Time

Uji Time

Sweet shop with ice cream, mochi, taiyaki & other Japanese desserts
2575 Telegraph Ave
(510) 398-3624
Yi Fang

Yi Fang

Taiwan Fruit Tea
2516 Bancroft Way
(510) 616-1671
Yogurt Park

Yogurt Park

Array of frozen yogurt flavors with a plethora of toppings available!
2433 Durant Ave
(510) 549-0570