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“Sense of Touch” Remote Bodywork

If you’re both curious and dubious, go ahead and schedule a session. If it’s not for you, we’ll stop after 20 minutes; no harm, no foul, and no fee. 

From the week shelter-in-place kept us all home, I’ve worked with clients remotely in the ways I’m trained that don’t depend on touch – Somatic Experiencing, restorative exercise, self-care and self-treatment education, movement, etc. Still, people need bodywork. Sessions spontaneously started to sound something like this:

Client: “My neck is hurting.”

Beth: “The angle of your shoulder blade, is that the spot calling for attention?”

Client: “Yes, and a little bit higher.”

Beth: “Yes, that makes sense. I can feel where my hands would go if you were here.”

Client: “Oh! Wow! I feel like your hands are actually there!”

Beth: “So do I, so let’s go with it…. Yes, the way your head is just starting to turn, let your head and neck unwind, just as though my other hand were supporting your head…”

Client: (moving, sighing, settling) “It feels much better. How on earth does that work?

We can approach that last question with the language of interpersonal neurobiology, psychology, imagination, hypnotherapy, energy work, or spirituality. Whatever language we use, I don’t fully know the answer. Whatever else is happening, the sense of touch engages, and the body responds deeply. And, there is one great advantage: When the session ends, you’re already home.