Indigo Vintage

2505 Telegraph Ave.

(510) 280-5975

Indigo, inspired by the deepest blue hues of vintage denim, strives to embody quality and originality in all aspects of our venture. We manifest our purpose by:

Connecting our communities to sustainable and thoughtfully curated goods

Providing a progressive platform for small businesses to flourish

Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all

Unconventional, funky and fun- Indigo represents a new wave of progress in vintage commerce.

Female-owned and operated, we proudly call our team the #indigogirls. Promoting women, queer and POC is imperative to our mission of creating an inclusive space within a male-dominant industry.

With a focus on vintage curators and independent designers, we encourage our customers to make strong purchasing decisions in favor of sustainability and local business.

Our Cooperative model enables vendors to scale their craft without sacrificing quality or individuality. We truly believe we are stronger together, and stand for community over competition.