Uji Time

2575 Telegraph Ave

(510) 398-3624

Uji Time Dessert opened its first pop up store on Telegraph Ave. in April 2016 and is known for its Taiyaki soft serve. The pop up was a great success because of its authenticity. Uji Time Dessert was the first dessert store selling taiyaki soft serve in the Bay Area.

Uji Time Dessert loves to combine and meld elements from multiple traditional desserts to create affordable treats for everyone. Our goal is simple – Think of Uji Time Dessert when you crave Japanese fusion style desserts. Uji Time Dessert regularly offers instagrammable, fun and delicious desserts and ice cream for all ages.

Uji Time Dessert has transformed itself into a full scale dessert cafe, from Fish Cone (taiyaki), black sesame soft serve, lychee ice cream mochi, Matcha Latte, Earl Grey puddings, to Hojicha and Genmaicha ice cream. Depending on the season, Uji Time Dessert offers limited production seasonal flavors, such as strawberry rose and lavender in soft serve or ice cream.

In 2022, Uji Time Dessert expanded its footprint to Seattle, Washington and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Uji Time Dessert continues to seek opportunities to serve our customers.